Do 'YOU' really have to do everything? Or can a Virtual Assistant help your business?

Most owners of consultancy and service businesses spend more time administering their business than earning money.

Take this simple test to see if our services could help you increase your profits and give a better service to your clients, the more boxes you can tick, the more we can help you improve your business. 


You spend time on administration when you should be billing hours.



You want support but don't want red-tape or employee problems.



You want to be attracting new clients, servicing existing clients needs, whilst also having time to network and follow up leads.



You want your professionalism to be a byword in your industry but need help to 'make this happen.'



You know if you were more organised - you would achieve more billable hours.



You are an 'ideas machine' and need to delegate details to an experienced professional to take the ideas to fruition.



Your computer skills are not what they need to be. When it comes to computer tasks, you would prefer to have an expert take care of those items, or train you how to!



Flexibility is important to you. You may need work completed outside normal working hours.



You feel that the 'personal touch' is what makes your business special



Your work-life balance is important to you, and you want to have an administrative partner who understands the way you work to the extent that they can represent you and your business when you are taking time out.


If you scored 2 or more, you need us; if you scored 5 or more, mail us NOW.

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